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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) claimed 5 million lives in 2019, posing a major challenge to global public health. National action plans (NAPs) are the primary method for guiding national strategies and actions to combat AMR. Although several NAPs have been developed, there is no comprehensive content analysis of these plans. A team of different researchers, including 3 members of our alliance, conducted a systematic assessment of NAP implementation in 114 countries.


These three main  conclusions were drawn by the experts:

  •  International efforts to combat AMR vary widely from country to country.
  •  Monitoring and evaluation of implementation needs to be improved to ensure a continuous understanding of national and international progress.
  •  In some cases, international measures do not match the scale and severity of the AMR.

You can find all the results and the exact approach in the publication "Measuring the global response to AMR, 2020-21: a systematic governance analysis of 114 countries", which even made it to the "Lancet", one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals in the world. Congratulations at this point to Anne Harant, Wolfgang Hein and Denise Dekker.